Introducing our 2020 Scholarship Award Recipients!

Benjamin Blauch - I’m honored to have been chosen as the winner from Charleston Southern. In my years at CSU, my study of graphic design has deepened my perception of the world. The combination of both liberal arts and graphic design has helped me to see the order and thought in everything that surrounds me, as well as given me a greater appreciation for those who dare to try new ideas. While I am not certain what future awaits me after my graduation, I know that I am excited to begin a career in my field of study. Even after school, I will continue to learn and improve my skills. Here’s a larger photo of me on our lovely campus!

Madi Methvin - When I began my career at the College of Charleston, I wasn’t aware of just how impactful attending a liberal arts institution could be. However, the exposure to multiple disciplines has broadened my horizons and allowed me to explore strengths I didn’t know I had, something I am incredibly grateful for. This has rung especially true during my study of Political Science. By equipping me with novel and invaluable lenses, this major has positively altered the way I view and interact with my world. After I graduate, I plan to attend law school, taking this knowledge and the love of learning my time at the College has cultivated with me far into the future. Here’s a larger photo of me, at the New York Supreme Court. And thank you again for this honor!

Nicholas Fricchione - After graduation I will commission in the United States Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. I am also applying for a Fulbright Fellowship in the Netherlands to study the Dutch relationship with and feelings regarding foreign military cemeteries in their country. I plan to also teach history at either a high school or college level. The study of history has had a strong influence on me for as long as I can remember. I have been fascinated by it and hope to share my love and passion for it with everyone I meet through my research, teaching, and conversation. Here’s a larger photo of me, at The Citadel class ring monument.

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