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Introducing our 2023 Scholarship Award Recipients!

Madeline Landa – Through the study of English

and Writing as a discipline, I have gained a more developed understanding of the world that surrounds me. Engaging in conversations that have been continuing for centuries and learning how to contribute meaningfully allows me to value the opinions of my neighbor while also solidifying my own convictions. Most importantly, seeking excellence in language opens the door for respectable, Christian thought to contend in a field where that perspective is scarce

Deymon Fleming – To me liberal arts is a pathway to broadening my scope of learning. Liberal arts has given me the opportunity to think critically about a variety of different topics and does not box me in as a learner.

Evans Banks – I am proud to represent this year’s Citadel recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship. Chemistry and the liberal arts have opened my eyes to this complex beautiful world and the intricate interactions that make it possible. It has given me many opportunities to discover new profound ideas, travel across the country to talk with some of the leading scientists and work on new projects to improve areas from healthcare to our local environmental health. I am hopeful to take the lessons and skills I have learned from my degree to dental school and connect with my community while improving their health and quality of life.

Carolyne Chardac - . I am drawn to the beauty found in architecture, art and design, which is a reflection of the literature, culture and philosophy of various periods in history. A liberal arts education is essential in maintaining and restoring the decorative arts, namely ornamental plasterwork for my career and future.


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