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Meet our 2024 Scholarship Award Recipients!

Brooks BallCharleston Southern University

"I am extremely honored and grateful to be Charleston Southern’s Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship recipient. As an honors student studying accounting and English, I am convinced that liberal arts programs produce the kind of well-rounded citizens our society needs. In my studies, I have grown in my passion for literature and writing that emphasizes the truth, beauty, and goodness inherent in God’s creation. This scholarship will allow me to continue my dedication to excellence in education, fund post-graduate application and testing, and remain committed to lifelong learning."

Carolyne ChardacAmerican College of the Building Arts - "I am drawn to the beauty found in architecture, art and design, which is a reflection of the literature, culture and philosophy of various periods in history. A liberal arts education is essential in maintaining and restoring the decorative arts, namely ornamental plasterwork Since last year, I did my final externship in France this past summer and will be graduating this May. I plan to continue working in my trade of historical plasterwork here in the USA and abroad. I will use the $2500 scholarship towards my Fall and Spring tuition for the past year to offset the fee bill, which helps me financially."


Andrew Palmer The Citadel - Andrew Palmer is a Junior at The Citadel where he majors in Political Science, German, and History and minors in Economics. He is an Air Force ROTC scholarship recipient and has held various leadership positions in the Corps of Cadets, to include being named the 2nd Battalion Commander for next year. He hopes to pursue a combined Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy from Oxford University where he wants to study International Relations. The Lowcountry Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship will aid him in achieving this goal by helping to pay for his student visa and living expenses..

Zoe Willis - The College of Charleston - "I am a junior studying marine biology and chemistry at the College of Charleston and an avid environmentalist. I plan to use my diverse knowledge to research ways to preserve coral reefs and aid the communities reliant on them. Through my liberal arts education, I have been able to conduct multidisciplinary research and visit reefs around the world. With this award I can continue to pursue my goals and move towards research in graduate school and beyond."



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