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President Hsu, the Liberal Arts, and the Sciences

Between 30 and 35 members and friends were challenged by the vision of Dr. Andrew Hsu, president of the College of Charleston, in a Zoom meeting on 12 April 2021. Two of this year's scholarship awardees were able to join us for the evening, as well.

Dr. Hsu, whose Ph.D. is in aerospace engineering, spoke eloquently about his realization that there was a significant gap in his own background because it had neglected the liberal arts. "Just because you're studying engineering," said Dr. Hsu, "doesn't mean you're going to be innovative." He reminded us all that most entrepreneurs who start small businesses are persons with backgrounds in the liberal arts. So even while he was working in industry, Dr. Hsu enrolled in one course in the liberal arts and sciences per semester at a local community college.

Dr. Hsu's entire inspiring testimony, together with a period of questions and answers, is archived [here]. Following his departure, the association conducted its biennial business meeting. The online recording is almost three hours in length, but Dr. Hsu's portion begins at 1:49:15.


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